Jae Ellard


“There is no right or wrong way to define balance. It is what it is for you and you alone.”

book cover for the five truths, a book by jae ellard
book cover for the five truths, a book by jae ellard
How do you know when you are out of balance?

Jae believes that balance has nothing to do with gender, geography, income, education or job type – you don’t even need a job to feel out of balance! Rather it’s about the conversation we have (or don’t have) about how these issues impact life. Drawing on thousands of conversations over a decade, Jae takes readers through five simple truths about work-life balance that can liberate any person seeking to creating easy joy and meaningful engagement between the interconnected roles and responsibility that make up life.

Short and proactive in graphic novel format, this book will transform the way you think about balance and help define what balance means to you allowing you to make more intentional choices to create the life you want to experience.

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