Since 2008, Jae has taught programs to 20,000+ managers and employees at multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook in over 50 countries through her company, Simple Intentions.  Jae’s programs are designed to help leaders and employees improve communication, build trust, enhance impact and empower group and individual accountability.

Programs include:

  • Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness (4-hour workshop for groups and teams)
  • Manager Immersion (6-month program for new managers)
  • Mind Space: Managing Energy & Attention (2-hour workshop for managers and teams)
  • Intentional Impact (3-hour workshop for groups and teams)


STOP & THINK: CREATING NEW AWARENESS© is the leading global course for developing a balance. Since 2008, it has been taught in over 50 countries to thousands of people at multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Facebook, Pearson and many other companies of all sizes.

The online program is divided into seven 15-minutes parts, each focusing on developing awareness around blocks to balance. The content guides people around how to apply The Awareness Framework and take accountability for the impact of imbalance behaviors on self and others. Reflection activities at the end of each part are designed to generate awareness and create action.


  • Understand awareness as a skill
  • Apply The Awareness Framework in daily life
  • Understand the layers of balance and how each layer impacts intended results
  • Identify behaviors that support and sabotage creating (and maintaining) balanced environments
  • Understand how to communicate needs, expectations and boundaries


Jae has had the opportunity to bring her awareness programs to the following clients, among others:

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“I would absolutely recommend this program. The discussions we had about work styles/expectations was so impactful to our working together and improving as a team. The content seemed non-traditional (in a good way) in that it was not department specific, but was a great use of our time toward the end of working better together as a team.”

~Microsoft—Redmond, WA

“Easy joy and meaningful engagement. Jae Ellard can always be counted on to bring simplicity and clarity to the topics of mindfulness and work-life balance. ”

~Pearson—London, England

“Great session! I enjoyed that our whole team took it together so that we could hear others’ concerns and hold each other accountable to these new SLAs.”

~Amazon – Seattle, WA

“It was a great experience to understand that the small things we do/sacrifice on a daily basis can affect our work-life balance and often affect our actual quality of life. I’m inspired to be more aware of the points mentioned in the class and work towards a better organized work experience.”

~Microsoft – Singapore

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