Teaching philosophy

Jae’s teaching is built on the philosophy that THE CHOICE IS YOURS™. No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how you grew up, the choice is yours to start anywhere, at any point in your life, to create more awareness around the choices you make each day that either support or sabotage your desired outcomes personally and professionally.

graph showing framework of awareness

In 2008 Jae developed The Awareness Framework, based on the belief that behavior has an impact and there is a result – intentional or unintentional – related to that behavior. When people choose to be or are empowered to be more aware of their behavior, they are able to become more accountable in their roles, authentic in their communication and awake in their environments. The impact is the ability to be more innovative and productive in all things with the result being sustainable success for individuals and organizations.


Awareness is your ability to see the world and how you show up in it. Most of us have not been taught the skill of awareness. Learning this skill happens in different stages, and these stages build on each other over time and with practice. The skill of awareness is important because it allows you to collect authentic information to help you make informed choices. Awareness is the ability to collect data with no judgment and no criticism of self or others. It’s pure observation of what is happening around you and your role in what is happening, and then using that information to make intentional choices.

Within the framework there are different levels of awareness

NEW AWARENESS is about taking inventory of your world and understanding the impact of your behavior on the world around you and in you, things like what makes you happy, sad, stressed, or out of balance. New awareness is where you become aware you have choices.

CONSCIOUS AWARENESS is being able to be more conscious about what it is you are seeing around you and understanding it in a different way. It is the place of knowing you have choices. Some days you might make choices that sabotage your desired outcomes; other days you might make choices that support your desired outcomes. In either case, you make the choice and you are aware that it is a choice.

NATURAL AWARENESS is when you fully see your behavior patterns and internalize making choices that support your desired outcomes for balance, success and presence. This is where awareness has become a lifestyle.

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