“No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how you grew up, the choice is yours each day to create easy joy and meaningful engagement in all areas of your life.”

~Jae Ellard

Jae Ellard Author & Teacher

Jae Ellard

Author & Teacher

Jae is a mindful awareness author and teacher. She has spent the last twenty years writing about, studying and observing how people communicate (and don’t communicate) about the things that matter most in life. She has given talks at multinational corporations in over 50 countries and is the author of seven books and hundreds of articles aimed to help people have more, conscious, compassionate conversations with others and themselves. Some of these conversations are about balance and values, some are about boundaries and expectations and all of them are about awareness. She believes awareness is a skill and she is committed to teaching this skill to all people everywhere.

Books by Jae Ellard

book cover for the five truths, one of many mindfulness books by jae ellard

The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has nothing to do with work. Really. This short, illustrated book offers a refreshing take on the five conversations people are NOT having about work, life and balance.

front book cover for the pocket coach a book by jae ellard

The Pocket Coach: Perspective When You Need Some

Feeling stuck? This illustrated whimsical book doesn’t have the answers, rather the questions needed to shift perspective.

book cover for success with stress

Success With Stress

What if you could minimize or prevent stress before it happens?  This illustrated book gets to the point with five easy, free and mindful strategies to chill out.

Learning Opportunities

Microphone stand and wooden stool under a spotlight on a stage

Keynote Talks

Interactive, informational and action-orientated, Jae’s keynote talks empower groups of all sizes to make (and embrace) life, one choice,  and one conversation at a time. Topics include: balance, mindfulness, awareness, and communication.

two people engaged in conversation at sunset

Corporate Programs

Immersive programs and coaching for managers and employees using mindful awareness to develop presence, enrich communication skills, and deepen connection with self and others.


stop and think course cover

Online Course

Stop & Think: Creating New Awareness is the leading online course for developing balance. Since 2008, it has been taught to thousands in over 50 countries at multinationals such as Microsoft, Amazon, Pearson, and many others.

Four Types of Complaining

Four Types of Complaining

Humans love to complain. We keep ourselves off balance through the way we complain, or in some cases the way we withhold our complaints. The funny thing about complaining is, many people are not clear on what it is they are complaining about, and many people confuse complaining with criticizing.

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What’s New

What Mindfulness Can and Cannot do at Work

What Mindfulness Can and Cannot do at Work

While there is much excitement about the qualitative benefits of mindfulness programs in professional spaces, there isn’t as much quantitative data surrounding the benefits of collective mindfulness practices… yet.  Many researchers around the globe are working to...

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What is a Mindfulness Teacher and How to Find One?

What is a Mindfulness Teacher and How to Find One?

With the popularity of mindfulness and meditation, there are still many questions people have about what mindfulness is, what a mindfulness teacher does and how to find a qualified teacher. What is mindfulness? Let’s start with what mindfulness is. There are many...

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